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GS1 Sunrise 2011

The following applications/industries have incorporated GS1 Databar symbols into their guidelines:

  • Fresh foods, meats, and produce
  • Healthcare – item identification
  • Coupons – new guidelines (see link)

Since January 1, 2011, GS1 DataBar can be used on small products, but only for GTIN-13 or GTIN -12, not GTIN -14. For an completed explanation on GTIN’s, please visit However, even before 2010, retailers can (if they want!) use GS1 DataBar for in-store printed products, even with information beyond GTIN in the bar code, if their systems are ready to go.

The revised guidelines for the coupon industry these stated milestone dates:

Stage Start by Complete by

Manufacturers stop using GS1-128 coupons and begin using Databar interim format.

Bc Table1
01/08 06/08

Manufacturers should eliminate the UPC/EAN bar code on coupons and use the final databar coupon format.

Bc Table2
01/11 06/11

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Note: The interim coupon format is provide as a single file which includes the UPC/EAN and GS1 Databar symbols.

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