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Databar Coupon Decoder

The following Coupon Decoder is provided by Bar Code Graphics, Inc., the largest US testing center for coupon, POS and logistical barcodes. Our services are utilized by the major retailers, manufacturers, ad agencies and coupon processors. Please visit or call (312) 676-7650 for assistance. Enter the entire databar string into the “Data” field, and this utility will provide a breakdown of the data characteristics. This data will normally be provided by a barcode scanner and the first 4-digits will begin with 8110. NEW: GS1 COMPANY PREFIX data is now automatically validated against the GS1 database and the associated company will be displayed.
Up to 70 digits:
Required Fields
Optional Data Field 1
Optional Data Field 2
Optional Data Field 3  
Optional Data Field 4  
Optional Data Field 5  
Optional Data Field 6  
Optional Data Field 9  
If you require digital barcode artwork (eps) for any format, please contact us directly at 800-662-0701. You may also, click on the following Order Form if you need digital barcode files immediately. Our in-house service bureau can create/send these files out within minutes. Databar coupon symbols are available from 24/7 with immediate delivery. The cost for GS1 Databar digital files is $10 from Note: The interim coupon format is provide as a single file which includes the UPC/EAN and GS1 Databar symbols. Our application was certified by GS1 US in 2005 and is the only solution to receive such  certification  to provide digital barcode artwork.